Your WordPress website is made up of a theme, plugins, and the core. A normal WordPress website has anywhere from 20-50 plugins, each doing different things to enhance the overall usability of the website. Each one of those plugins is coded by different authors; naturally they cannot predict all the plugins you'll have installed, so they can't ensure compatibility with your specific installation.

Because of this, your website is like a Jenga tower of code. An update to your theme, core, or other plugins can break your whole website. Business nightmare, right?

We cover for that, ensuring each update we perform doesn't destroy your website. How we cover for that differs by plan.




Revert incompatibility caused by update?


Try forcing compatibility. If impossible, revert

Force compatibility. If impossible, custom code a plugin that has the same functionalities as the incompatible plugins or find premium alternatives





Local tests




What does reverting mean?

Reverting incompatibility caused by an update is what we do if a plugin/theme/core update breaks something because of other incompatible script.

Reverting ensures your website, or components of it, aren't broken by restoring from the most recent backup that was created before the update.

Security patches are never reverted.

Cons of reverting

You cannot experience new features or bug fixes introduced in the new versions of the plugins/theme/core.

Sometimes it's more than one plugin causing the broken website or the specific problematic plugin can't be located, except through trial and error. Trial and error will not be performed, revert only.

What does forcing compatibility mean?

This means that we will edit the code of the offending plugin/theme to work with the rest of your website. Sometimes this is impossible, so the website must be reverted.

If you're subscribed to the Enterprise plan, we will never revert so you can benefit from the updated features and bug fixes. If forcing compatibility is impossible, we will custom code the features of the plugins that are no longer compatible or purchase premium plugins with comparable features and set them up, included in the plan, free of charge.

What are local tests?

Instead of performing updates on the live server, we will perform them on a local (not live) copy of your website to check for compatibility issues and merge with the production site when everything is ready to go.

Currently only offered in the Enterprise plan.

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